Monday, December 31, 2012

# 73 New Year.


It's new year.
It's NEW.

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So, esok? Page 1/365?

And my wish in 2013?

Change to better.
Make more friends and make a good friendship with them.
Get a dean list.
To get engage menurut adat (like they said)
My friends will always stick with me and keep supporting me no matter what.
Sing better.
Play guitar better than now.
No one give up on me.
My relationship will never end.
Get the biggest surprise in my life (good one :P)
Learn how to whistle.
Live life to the fullest.
Enjoy every single time in my life.
Always happy with what I do.
Make a lots of good deeds.
Love everyone.
Get rid of lazy and jealousy.


I wish all of my dreams will come true ! Amin :)

Happy new year guys. Amazing years and looking forward to the greatest year on 2013.

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