Wednesday, October 30, 2013

# 83 I do

If you ask me what was my favourite moment with you, i would say our little adventure to Broga. 
You're the most motivational person ever in my life. You believe in me even though i said i cant do this over and over again. When i feel like giving up, you gave strength for me to reach to the top. 

If you ask me what is my favourite place for vacation, i would say anywhere as long as i am with you. I'll go anywhere. Even if i don't know where we're heading to, i don't care. Because i have you by my side. I know i'll be safe.

If you ask me, if there's another life, will i choose you or other guys, i would say it HAS to be you. You make me feel perfect. You treated me well. I could not ask for more. I am the most lucky girl to have you as my man. Yeah. I'm proud.

If you ask me would i spend one day with you and only stares at each other eyes, i would say id loved to ! Forget all the realities, let's just sink into fantasies. The best part is, we could talk about anything. We can spend hours and hours just talking. I know you don't realize this, but we're best friend-boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship. 

If you ask me what are the moments that make me completely fall in love all over again is when you surprisingly came to Melaka even though you're sick just to ask me for late supper. Remember? I know you're worried because i haven't eaten for a day. Despite the fact that you're sick, you came and pick me up and we went for late supper. That was an unforgettable moment. 


If you ask me do i see you as my partner life, i would say i do.

p/s: you still give me butterflies whenever i see you

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