Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#85 Love

Love is not about selfishness
It's not about what is in for you but what you can give to someone that you love.
It's about looking at her smile, her laugh and her happiness.
And you will feel happy about it too. Instantly
The feelings don't go away. It's the nature.
You will feel bad if you see she's crying and the same theory applies to all.

When you try to make something, even though you know you cant or not good at it and you just do it.
That's love.

When you understand the feelings of your love on every second of the moment .. on every conversation you both had, whether sad, insecure, anxious, happy, jealous, mad, ignore and all of feelings that might came, you just know.
That's love.

When you are willingly to sacrifice anything and not even once try to reveal it to your partner or even bring it up when you're arguing, trust me.
That's love.

When you know you can't be there for her, but instead you give little things just to make sure that she felt your presence around her.
That's love.

Love can be many things, many thought and many other version.

When you know she's a keeper, please don't be a fool.

When she's trying to advise you, take it and do it. It's not that easy for her to advise, cause she know that you have that men's ego thing.

When she clearly, directly said that she doesn't like something, don't do that in the future. She'll be upset if you do it again, because she think that you doesn't listen to her.

When you know you're hurting her, yeah, she knows that you're sorry, but it's gonna take a whole lot more than just a sorry.

Don't ever try to test her.
You'll just ruin everything, her feeling, her trust on you.

When that women is a keeper, she kinda devoted her life to the one she loves.

You'll be her king.

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