Sunday, August 23, 2015

#89 Moving on

"You left him because he got nothing. Cause as for now, he has no money, no job with his unstable life"

It broke my heart of how they think I am that cheap. 

One day, I thought of what will I do when he want to be part of my life again? Will I accept him, or moving on?

This is my deep thought. 

"Even if he wanted to get back with me when he lead a stable life, I would not want to be with him any more. Why should I be a part of his life.. again?  Just because he have a lots of money, Ferrari or Bugatti, big house or even 1 million worth of diamond . . does not mean that I will accept him. I have my own pride and standards. Every girls has that. And each of everyone of them has it differently. 

He left me before I get to tell him to focus on his life. He already did that. So why should I take him back in my life? 

The answer is No"

And I became more thoughtful on this stuff.  

The struggles to forget a two year relationship is not as easy as I thought. Forgetting the person is easy. However, to erase all the memories is a challenging part of moving on. 

The broken hearted people may seems all happy and fun and enjoying their moment. 
And when one of my friend stated this, 

"It is not love,"

And I was taken aback. I started doubting myself. 'Is it?'

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