Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#90 Internship Day 1

11:04 PM

Hi, my name is Nabila and WELCOME to my journey through Internship. 

This is my little project where I want to document everything about my internship experience at a small company based in Kuala Lumpur. My writing skills are rusting so bear with me. I mean hug me (no not really) Guys, come on, that is a pun joke (K that is lame, I know)

So, it all begin on one relaxing day (Sunday, I mean) I get a call from the director itself regarding my internship application. Obviously, I was shocked sbb I mean it is Sunday kot, so who would call anyone regarding work? (My boss did lol) 

Anyhow, I manage to secure a place at that small company and was offer a content provider position. My first thought was, pssh what is that? Does that position even exist in this world? (Obviously it exist you moron, kalau tak buat apa nak offer that position lol). Thing is, the company situated at Menara Worldwide and I cant drive nor ride a motorcycle so the best way is to go to work by public transportation. Lrt/monorail/bus whatever you wanna go with kan. 

For the first day, my dad kebetulan cuti so he send me to work. I am all nervous and cuak. When i arrive to the office, my boss was not there yet. I was told to wait for him in his office. I waited about half an hour to 45 minutes. After he arrived, we had a small briefing about what is the company vision mission and all that. ...... WAIT, HOLD THAT

Now I wanna tell you guys about my first impression of my boss. He is a very simple guy with a very casual dress code to work. He wore blue jeans, a shirt and a blazer? Whattt? Right. Hm bestnya jadi boss, can wear anything you like to work.

Kay sambung cerita tadi. So he asked me in five years term, where I would, or what Im gonna be. I literally laugh in front of him sebab seriously I dont even know where I will be this weekend and he ask me about five years in future? 

But okay la dia tanya macam tu kan. I said maybe in magazine industy (because that is my first choice for internship tapi tak dapat, so sad) but he seems tak puas hati with my answer. We talked about most one hour and at the end of our conversation, he ask me to do little task.

Basically, he want to know my interest and my passion so that he can give tasks based on that. Tu cara paling efficient to passionately finish a task/job katanya. Haa amik kau. 

Next, dia suruh cari my weakness and strength. And idol. Apa criteria yang idol tu ada and aku takde. Vice versa. Ish, mana nak tahuuuuu. Bukan kenallll (That was my first thought lah) And perlu work related or not, I forgot to ask that important question. Damn, that is my fault kot hahahaha. 

Well whatever it is, I have to start thinking before going to sleep about all this stuff (obviously I'm gonna sleep right away but being a good person, I am just gonna pretend like I am thinking about it and fall asleep) Haha. 

Okay goodnight!

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